Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Twitter, Twitter makes a hitter!

It comes as no surprise to me that our class is now entering the world of Twitter after just learning to manage blogs. Our generation's knowledge of technology is increasingly evolving as we find more ways to get information out to the public, whether it be on current events or just our daily thoughts and experiences. Three of the Twitter's I thought were worth mentioning as we take on this next challenge are Mikal, Alex and Mike's.

One of Mikal's examples for 1-2-3 filing related to Towson's Go Green Campaign. Her first tweet was a great use of alliteration to catch the reader's attention: "and her follow-up answers most of the 5 W's and H (the "when" isn't identified, but thats OK!) It was simple, clean and to the point.

Next was Alex, who's example about the hiring freeze at TU caught my attention. Her posts were short and informative. I also liked the sentence structure for the follow-up. The content made me want to read more just in case the budget cuts would affect anyone I knew.

Lastly was Mike's tweets on the Tiger's recent loss with Richmond. He used abbreviations in his first and second tweet, making the posts tighter and easy to read. If I read them, I would want to click the link to learn more about the game, how Towson struggled or what the resulting score was.

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