Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pranks, jokes and all that fun stuff!

My dad works for the National Security Agency and always has a story to tell. He takes his job serious, but he and other employees find it equally important to enjoy their job and have a little fun once in awhile. Today, he told me a story about one of his coworkers, Paul.

"So one day we went outside and filled Paul's hubcaps with stones and turned up his car radio to full blast. When Paul went to leave the (military) base, the guards started shouting at him and pointing to his car. He had no idea his radio was on full blast and all the world could hear it, except for him!" my dad chuckled. Reason being: Paul is deaf. "The next day he came to work and started beating on my friend accusing him of the prank when he wasn't even involved!" But Paul knows its all for fun, my dad explained. He doesn't mind the jokes .

I can not imagine all the other stories my dad would tell if he performed stand up comedy for a night! That is why I've decided to cover my first story on the Friday Night Live Series of Stand Up Dads. So far the only advance information I know is that its this Friday at 8pm in the Potomac Lounge at Towson University. The Daily Digest also mentions getting there early in case the seats fill up fast. Other that this info, I'm sure I will have a lot to gather at the event for my article.

My main sources will be those present at the event, including audience members, the "stand up dads" and any faculty that helped organize the event. I plan on asking various questions to gather my information. I will be asking audience members what they thought of the performances; the performers, where some of their inspirations derived from; faculty members, what their opinions were about the event. I also plan on recognizing the reactions of the audience to the performance taking note of changes in body language or any other signs of interest or dislike. I'm looking to just have fun and write a terrific article in the process! Can't wait to hear some comical stories!


Stacy Spaulding said...

Good event to cover. Glad to see you've brainstormed about a variety of sources to interview for the story, and that you're planning to talk to more than just one person afterwards.

Sean's Mad Again said...

When putting your blog through this website -- -- which is the Blog Readability Test, it shows your blog's reading level as college. When putting mine through it lists it as junior high school level... :(