Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who shall speak?

My first feature story is going to be a profile on a student at Towson University who is open to sharing their spiritual beliefs.  I'm going to highlight their beliefs and how they express them, what they do in their everyday life that will help relate them to the readers, possibly something out of the ordinary about them, their opinions of Towson's religious groups and opinions on other students' expression or lack thereof.  

I'm still making some final decisions about who this will be, but I'm quite excited about starting off with an interview.  I will most likely arrange to meet the student somewhere relaxed and low key, hit record on my Olympus and listen to all he or she has to say.  This is a profile of them expressing their beliefs to me.  Once I start the interview, I think I can feel out what kind of angle I want to go with and start asking more direct questions to form support for my story. 

Pictures will most likely be of the student doing something that expresses their spirituality and possibly of them doing something that means a lot to them in life to connect with the readers. 

I’m super excited to get started and just go with this!  Any other thoughts on my ideas or questions you might want me to ask let me know. 

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