Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it

I'm always looking for a little excitement in my life. I've managed to find several things that really hit the spot for me.

I am Towson University junior pursuing a degree in Mass Communications with a focus on Journalism. This semester I want to learn more about using the new technologies available to me. I'm still getting used to editing audio, but I feel with more practice I can be better. The video editing also sounds like something I might find useful in the future. I hope to either write my own column in a magazine someday or maybe do some broadcast reporting and become a news anchor. Either way, as long as I'm given the opportunity to travel, I'm sure I'll enjoy the job.

I've already traveled to Austria, Germany, France, Scotland and the UK. I lived in the UK-North Yorkshire region-for three years while my father worked for the NSA. It was quite an experience and has indulged my cravings to travel the world and explore new things.

My family always adds excitement to my life as well. I have three siblings and two wonderful parents. My youngest brother, Zachariah, is currently living in the UK with my parents because my dad was transferred there again. I miss them so much, but I know they have big plans for the future.

Another exciting fact about me: I love music. I write my own music and am currently in a band, 28May. We have played a few shows on the eastern shore as well as Towson University. Making my own music is just a nice way to express my creative side. It's also a nice reason to spend time with my boyfriend, Sean, who produces the music with me. What can I say? We work well together. We've been together almost three years and are still loving every minute together.

Lastly, I live my life for Christ. There are many ups and downs that we all go through, but I've chosen to not let things get to me and trust that He will work everything out. My days are brighter and I'm filled with joy just knowing that He is always there for me.

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jatwater said...

Hi Melissa,
You will definitely learn more about audio and video in this class! I think it will be a good semester.
I hope you get to visit your parents often!