Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moondance moves to Wyoming

This CBS video from The Early Show was an interesting story to analyze in terms of editing video.  

The clips moved smoothly with natural sounds of people talking in the Moondance Diner, sounds in the kitchen, and the diner's journey on the road.

Wide shots included the inside of the diner, the landscape of New York, or the landscape of it's new location in Wyoming.  Medium shots of the owners talking or working on moving it to Wyoming and tight shots of items in the diner, the moon logo, or chocolate shakes were also effective.

I also like the incorporation of the clip from Spiderman where the diner had a feature.  It shows it's importance and why these new owners thought it was worth saving.

Watch the clip N.Y. Icon Saved, Moves West reported by Cynthia Bowers. 

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